Francesca Ferrante, brilliant designer from Naples, begins her adventure in 2000 when she decided to create a fashion brand all her own, giving free rein to her passion for fashion and to her vibrant creativity that have always accompanied her, since, girl, she sewed her creations for hobby inside her home in Naples.
Francesca's career has a fast and brilliant development, she becomes manager and entrepreneur of herself by creating her own lines of clothing and then finally she opens her first boutique signed Francesca Ferrante in Panarea.
The enormous success reported gives the stimulus for opening new stores throughout the whole Italian territory, shortly boutiques born in Verona, Milan, Brescia, Parma, Naples and Capri.
The collections are in line with the changing trends and tastes: comfortable clothes but elegant at the same time, youthful but for every type of woman. 
The common feature of the Francesca Ferrante creations is the exaltation of femininity in every moment of the day, from the practical pret a porter outfit created for the woman who works but does not want to lose sight of her elegance, to the sophisticated cocktail dresses and formal dresses. 
The search for the best fabrics is at the basis of the brand: jersey garments, wool, viscose, cotton or crepe. In addition to these, printed fabrics: polka dot patterns with one color and patterns from Provence.
The product is made ​​entirely in Italy within the company itself, condition that allows the designer herself to closely follow step by step the production of the collections. ensuring that the garments are made ​​with the same love and the same care with which her gave shape to her creations at the beginning of her career. 
Francesca ferrante creations are present in the best Italian boutiques and flagship stores distributed throughout the Italian territory.